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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Greatest Partiers in Film History

The Greatest Partiers in Film History

We’ve all been to our fair share of parties. And yes, we’ve all had a few too many drinks, embarrassed ourselves on the dance floor, and made out with the wrong person. That being said, most of us haven’t killed a donkey, roofied our friends, or streaked naked down a suburban street. Which is why Rick Gassko, Alan Garner, and Frank “The Tank” Ricard will go down as some of the greatest (fictional) partiers of all time.
Without question, party films have regularly hit the soft spot in the hearts of moviegoers. Ranging from the comedy classic Animal House to the more recent Golden Globe award winning The Hangover, we have laughed heartily at others making drunken mayhem on the silver screen. In a similar spirit of all things party, our own web series, “Palisades Pool Party” is a humorous take on what happens when a party girl sleeps with the neighborhood geek. The series, like most of our favorite party films, takes us on a journey that diverts wildly from our everyday experiences. And so, for all the nerds, stoners, and creeps out there who like taking a break from everyday monotony, including the “Palisades” crew, we decided to visualize some of our favorite drunken characters throughout film history. Without further ado, put on your nostalgic party hats, and check out the graphic below.

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