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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jockeys Fight on Horses During Race (Video)

Jockeys Fight on Horses During Race
I'm not a big horse racing fan.  I have a good friend from Lexington who would throw Derby parties every year, but the sport hasn't really captured my intrigue.  Perhaps it's because I've never been to one live and had the opportunity to bet on them -- I've heard that's what really makes it a show.
One thing that would really get me into horse racing is if the jockey's were allowed to really jockey for positioning on the race course.  By that I mean slap around the other jockeys a little bit.  Check out this video of two jockey's throwing some punches at each other as they try to gain the edge on the track.  It's dangerous, and probably highly illegal, but this is just the type of thing to draw a crowd and open the doors to a whole new base of fans.   Think about it horse racing.
Jockey Eriluis Vaz of "Divine Light" and jockey Ademar Santos, riding racing horse "Mi Helena," were involved in this fistfight that turned to whipping.   The most serious punches, and subsequent whip fight, occurs near video clip end.  The fight occurs at the Fifth Race at Philadelphia Park and was supposedly sparked due to Vaz careening his horse toward Santos a few times.

Here is another video with a little music and sound effects to it.