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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The 27 Craziest Menorahs

by: Michael Jordan

Hanukkah! Chanukah! Hanuka! Guys, it's Chanuqa! To celebrate, I've compiled a list of the 27 most EXTREME™-ly awesome menorahs.

To be sure, Urlesque has love for all holiday iconography, whether it be the Christmas Tree, the Diwali lantern, or the Kwanzaa cake (not really...shudder), but there's something special about the way the menorah has harnessed the power of the internet.

These here intertubes have spat out some pretty bizarre, hilarious, and just plain geeky menorahs over the years. Check out all 27 after the break.

1. Star Wars Menorah
The prequels would have been better if they had just been nine hours of this. (via Freaking News)

2. Moped Menorah
Vroom vroom. Ciao. Latte. Pizza pie. Huh?! (via Shiny Shiny)

3. Bowling Pin Menorah
This guy is such a player. Rock on with your bowling pin menorah, smooth stuff. (Templar1307 Flickr via Walyou)

4. iPhone Menorah
Nothing says "dutiful religious observer" like a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen. (via The Dallas Morning News/Technology)

5. Shoe Menorah
Surprisingly, this is not actually the worst thing that 'Sex and the City' has wrought. (via Listicles)

6. LED Menorah
I can't front: this is straight up awesome. (via Evil Mad Scientist)

7. Wine Cork Menorah
Genius. Holiday with the family can be pretty stressful and a cup of vino or thirteen really takes the edge off. Why not work that into the iconography? (via

8. Surf Board Menorah
Brah. Tubular. Jack Johnson. Puka shell necklace. Yes? Yes! (via Listicles)

9. Matchstick Menorah
Can anyone think of a pun using that Nicholas Cage movie 'Matchstick Men'? Me neither. Seems like a waste. (via Uncommon Goods)

10. Cat Menorah
Awww, a kitty cat. You guys like those I'm pretty sure. (via Cracked)

11. Minimalist Menorah
Oh man, I dig this one. Clean lines. Simple. Portable. Cost efficient (the holidays, to me, are all about cost efficiency). (via Reddish Studio)

12. Dog Toy Menorah
I can't decide if this is more or less sacrilegious than the Star Wars menorah. (Snooty Paws via Listicles)

13. Barbie Menorah
So many questions about this one. Who made it? Why? Was it a really religious child or a really weeeird adult? (via Bang It Out)

14. Flame Menorah
All right guys, I'm not sure how many more of these I can take. A menorah made out of flames? Fine. Why not? (via Yes But No But Yes)

15. Jeep Menorah
Nothing says Hanukkah like the ultimate symbol of gross materialism. (via

16. Hello Kitty Menorah
Me: "hello, kitty cats!!!" (did you see what I did there?!) (via Miss Music Nerd)

17. Crocheted Menorah
This seems like a bit of a fire hazard, but to each their own. (Rchach's Flickr via Walyou)

18. Mel Gibson Menorah
HAHAHA. Irony! You hipsters will eat this one up. (via NPR)

19. Lady Liberty Menorah
Patriotism + Hanukkah = Something? (Eclipse Pics Flickr via Yes But No But Yes)

20. Marijuana Menorah
How dare this company steal the idea that my roommates and I had freshman year?!!! (via Cannabista)

21. Star Trek Menorah
Definitely worse than the Star Wars menorah...because it is for real. (Oskay's Flickr via Buzzfeed)

22. Pez Menorah
Nothing says Hanukkah like Charlie Brown, Spider Man and Fred Flintstone. (via Lifehacker)

23. Swarovski Crystal Menorah
Jeez Daniel Swarovski, maybe you should tone it down a little? Not everything needs to be coated in your crystals. (via If It's Hip, It's Here)

24. Moose Menorah
(exasperated) Please everyone, there is no need for this! (via Yes But No But Yes)

25. Lego Menorah
Okay, I give up. Rock on with your Lego selves. (Jcresnick's Flickr via Walyou)

26. William Shatner Menorah
NO! This has gone too far!! You can't keep doing this to me. (via Yes But No But Yes)

27. Diet Coke Can Menorah
I give up. I am a broken man. Just do whatever...make a menorah out of diet coke cans if you want. (via Listicles)