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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chad Ochocinco’s 10 Most Entertaining Bengals Moments

Posted by gibbs12

Inspired by Chad Ochocinco’s appearance on Letterman last week along with the Cincinnati Enquirer’s gallery of Chad, we bring to you Chad Ochocinco’s Top 10 Bengals Moments.

#10 - Chad’s New Bib

Heading to the crowd in Pittsburgh to throw a Terrible Towel at them after a Bengals victory in 2005.


#9 - The More Gold The Merrier

Gold mohawk, gold teeth, and the shirt that started Chad’s impressive self-branding movement in August 2006.


#8 - Thoroughbred Race

Racing a horse for charity to stay newsworthy in the 2007 offseason.


#7 - Chad Claus

Playing Santa Claus after a touchdown in a 2005 Christmas Eve game.


#6 - If You Have To Ask…

Begging the NFL not to fine him after breaking this sign out after a touchdown against the 49ers in 2003.


#5 - The Introduction

Revealing his new name and persona on his jersey before a game against the Falcons in 2006. In order to be allowed to have the nickname on the back of his jersey, he had his last name officially changed in the following offseason.


#4 - Pylon Putter

Playing putt putt after a touchdown against Baltimore in 2005.


#3 - Unwelcome Leap

Jumping into the Dawg Pound after a touchdown against Cleveland in 2007.


#2 - Riverdance

Doing the Riverdance after a touchdown against Chicago in 2005.

#1 - Friends In Enemy Territory

Coordinates a Lambeau Leap into the arms of strategically placed Bengals fans.