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Monday, October 19, 2009

Six-Year-Old Sells Her Toys to Aid Local Police Dogs

A six-year-old Virginia girl loves dogs so much she raised money to buy five bullet-proof vests for the Newport News K-9 division, reported.

Kayleigh Crimmins got the cash by selling her toys on Craigslist. She received a standing ovation from the city council at their Tuesday meeting.

Her mother told this is just the beginning for Kayleigh.

"I think she's determined. I think she loves dogs," Lee crimmins said. "And there's no end to this. She's made that very clear."

The young girl also sells toys donated by friends, t-shirts and stickers.

Crimmins has made similar donations to K-9 forces in Maryland and North Carolina.

Some of her donations have gone towards other safety equipment for police dogs, including a heat alarm for patrol cars that alerts officers to rising temperatures that could be hazardous for their canine partners.