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Friday, October 16, 2009

Megan Fox: Transformers Actress Replaces Victoria Beckham as face of Emporio Armani

By Michelle Halpern

The saucy sex symbol will replace Victoria Beckham for next year's ad campaign

Last week we lamented over David Beckham's discontinuing stint as the model for Armani underwear. This week, however, the brand brings a new female hottie onto the team to replace VBecks; perhaps David plans on featuring the wifey as a model for an upcoming female underwear line under his name as well? *Wishful thinking*

So, with Posh out of the picture, there was really only one logical successor; none other than "It" sex symbol of the moment Megan Fox. Starting in the spring/summer 2010 season, Fox will become the official spokesmodel for not only Emporio Armani but Armani Jeans as well. So, the question is, will new men's underwear model replacement, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Megan Fox be cozying up in front of the lens Beckham family style? According to WWD, the likelihood is doubtful, but we're optimistic people...only time will tell...