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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Measuring out a gram: There's an app for that?

by Matt Hickey

OK, we're not really sure what demographic this fake iPhone pocket scale is aiming for, and we also don't condone illegal drug use, but we still have to admit this is pretty funny stuff.

It's just what it appears to be: a fake iPhone that conceals a pocket scale for weighing minute quantities of, uh, cinnamon. Or oregano, maybe. For discreet chefs on the go. It was found on a shelf in a head shop in (where else?) Amsterdam. That said, I've actually seen one in a convenience store here in Seattle.

Really, though, an iPhone? Seems rather conspicuous. We could think of a few other gadgets that would make better decoys than an iPhone. Maybe a Zune would be a better choice, as chances are a police officer wouldn't know how a real one looks.