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Friday, October 30, 2009



Today marks the 15-year anniversary of Francisco Martin Duran’s attempt to assassinate Bill Clinton. He’s been in prison ever since. He’s never spoken to the press about it until he decided to send us an interview he conducted with himself while in jail. It’s been abbreviated for the sake of not burning your eyes staring at a screen, but all following words and syntax are his own.

Dear VICE:
I was the man who was videotaped shooting up the White House back in 1994. It’s on YouTube.

I have never been interviewed. Yet have had countless offers to do so. Mostly, national media outlets and a couple of local area newsrooms. I don’t trust them. As you know, they are in it for the ratings and each has their own agenda. VICE shares with her audience real people out having a blast or doing what is necessary to survive. The bullshit does fly, yet it’s with a message and kickass pictures as a sort of ride-along to give the reader a face with the message. I like that. I’m writing to ask you if you are at all interested in publishing the following interview in VICE.

Thank you very much for your valuable time. Time is all I have. Prison sucks, yet it’s not the end of the world.

In Solidarity always,
Francisco M. Duran
#19588-016, F.C.I. Mesa Alpha
P.O. Box 6000
Florence, Colorado 81226-6000

A one time interview with an unexposed once aspiring Assassin:

On October 29th 1994, a lone gunman by the name of Francisco Martin Duran, was videotaped shooting at the White House as tourist fled for their lives. He was tackeled to the ground and later convicted of 10 criminal counts. One being attempted murder of then president Bill Clinton. Sentenced to 480 month = 40 years in prison. Now it has been 14 years since then and he has never been interviewed by anyone. Except only by the Secret Service agents once a year since his long incarceration. Yet never has he discussed his motives for his violent actions that Sunny Saturday afternoon.

Question: What made You want to shoot up the White House?
Answer: Ya, that’s what it did look like from the video. (also on YouTube) Yet, what was really taking place is I was shooting at a guy who looked exactly like Bill Clinton. So much so that you could literally hear the jury gasp when he walked into the courtroom to testify. The jury was visibly excited until they all realized that he wasn’t the president. And yes, I was there to assassinate the president known to all as Slick Willy. The cowardly prevaricater that he is.

Question: What did President Clinton do, for You to want to kill him?
Answer: A synthesis of several factors came into play to drive Me to wish him dead and want to do the deed myself. I’m a Luciferian Anarchist. Always have been and invariably desire to shed Light upon the World we all share. Including upon the corrupt and contaminated.

During the Vietnam War, a young Bill Clinton was being indoctrinated to Anti-Freedom concepts while in Russia there attending a communist university. Being reared to command and convey a Leftist Agenda to bring down North America and her charitable values. And while there, Clinton critisized and spoke-out against the United States during a large red rally opposing the war. Then during his administration as Governor of Arkansas, he allowed tons of cocaine to enter the U.S. through the Mina Airport. Cocaine used to cause terrible addiction of America’s minorities and youth. And there is a lot of evidence of Bill murdering several people (56) while govenor. Then there is the fact that when he was elected president—a lot of America’s Military Generals and Admirals resigned because they knew Clinton hated the military, that he was all show and not there to pretect his country. He’s untrustworthy and weak. Realize that no way in hell would those generals serve under such a socialist president.

Question: What was your trip to D.C. like?
Answer: My state of mind was in that of macabre darkness: I contained no love for myself or for Life. Death reaked everywhere. My heart pained with loneliness. I knew I alone had to do something to escape from the cadaverous mentality I was slugging through. So I walked away from everything and everyone I knew and went on my last vacation. While living in the Springs, I was also a Swinger. So My primary focus was to experience maximum pleasure; because I was headed towards My final act. Going out in a blaze of dellusional glory. Nothing else mattered, except having a blast before My departure from this maya.

So first down to San Antonio, Texas—My favorite city. You see, I love Hookers, Marijuana and women. I said, “Fuck It!” and partied like some crazed Hedonistic God. Using up all my credit cards. My highway to Hell was paved with hookers, lots of kronic and plenty of hot, dirty and really nasty sex with any girl I could find. Be them fat, ugly, pretty, to even weird, horny and crazy. And anything in-between. I didn’t care or give a shit.

So one night while out walking along the River Walk, I came across this young girl crying near the Alamo, and tapping her leg. A sound emenating like a bottle of pills being jingled. I approached her and asked if she was alright. Her reply was a nasty, “What the fuck was it to me if she was okay!” I just smiled and inquired if she was so depressed and if she was considering committing suicide?

She just stared at me. She was not the cutest thing and she carried her image, which was obvious, with a really low self esteem attitude. She said that it was her birthday, just turning 18, and no cared. She had nothing happening in her life that mattered. A fellow traveler in the Void. I asked her if she was going to kill herself, and if she didn’t want her body anylonger, if I could have it for a little while? Afterwards, if she still wanted to—she can go ahead and proceeded to end her life.

“What are You going to do with it?” She asked. Sweety, What ever I please. She just slumped her shoulders and I lead her to my hotel room not too far away. There I undressed her and we got into the shower together. I carefully washed her and told her not to trip. It’s a new adventure taking place in her life. For her to open her consciousness to the freshness of just letting go and being in the moment. At the edge of a new frontier. Yes, unfamiliar; Yet, very intimate and alien. What the Hell! It felt good and refreshing to her to not worry about what others think, believe or what’s coming next.

I dried her off slowly. Taking in her lovely body in all of its beautiful and young glory. A flower unseen for far too long. I layed her on the bed and wrapped my arms around her and we layed there in silence for over an hour. Comforted in my embrace, she asked Me to use her body in any way I desire, just like I said I would.

She faced Me and I passionately kissed her soft lips and worked my way down to her small tits. Taking special care to give each nipple some attention. Then proceeded down to eat her hairy pussy. She freaked out when my long tongue pressed down hard onto her clit. She lost her mind as I licked, sucked and ate her sweet pussy pie. I mist have eaten her cunt for about two hours straight. I Love Eating Pussy! She prepeatedly screamed and pulled at my hair—telling Me how much she loves Me for eating her juicy and virgin cunt. Having orgasm after orgasm, over and over, one after the other. I would every once in a while, letting my tongue slip, blessing her with a good oh fashion rim-job, throughout the tow hours.

Enjoying the shock of such pleasure it gave her racing threw her body. “God loveth a cheerful giver.” I then fucked her good and rode her hard doggy-style. Grabbing her hair and then slapping that sweet ass I pounded away. She was lost in the over whelming lust and pleasure, mixed with that erotic pain. Psychopathic and lascivious eroticism was all that my consciousness desired. The pleasures are momentary, the positions rediculous, and the expense damnable. I was so wrapped up in the flesh, slithering and licking one another like passionate and debased slimmy snakes. I felt alive and condemned all at once. I left Her there alone, lost in her own flesh.

From Texas on to Arkansas: Little Rock was not as exciting, yet I did purchase several prostitutes. Always enjoy their company. I don’t eat hooker pussy—So I had My other favorite thing done—Having My big dick sucked and coming into their mouths. I love watching someone sucking My cock. “Hey, check it out, My dick is in your mouth! Look at You go! Suck it Bitch! Suck it and eat my cum!” That is the craziest shit ever. I fucking love it! :)

Then into Tennessee, Which was pretty much the same, except for the one fat trailer trash tramp who took me to her dirty trailer, after kicking out her 10 year old daughter out for the day. That crazy bitch rode my cock like it was the last one on the planet. Her titties were huge and that smelly cunt was soaking wet, making those special slooping noises we all love to hear. She was into it hard! I thought the trailer was going to fall apart. Yet I didn’t stop or give a shit. “Ride My dick You dirty slut!” She did and was having a blast!

Now up into Virginia: Women in Virginia are gorgeous and generous with their bodies. So full of live and giving, and more than willing to get busy at the drop of a hat. One night at a club in Charlottesville, A man came in with his wife. She was beautiful. So I went on up to them and asked if she was the famous singer Reba McEntire? She giggled and blushed, loving the compliment so much, I boldly asked her husband if I could dance with her. He said sure.

I whisked her onto the dance floor, where I slow-danced with her and started to kiss and lick her neck, all the while rubbing her fat ass. I would look over at her hubby and he was just watching and enjoying all he was seeing. So I kicked it up a notch and we started kissing and doing a little dirty dancing. My hand going up under her dress and rubbing her wet pussy. After a few more dances, they invited me to their place in the mountains.

There, we proceeded to the bedroom, where the husband sat in a corner of the room as she and I got naked on the bed—ready to give him a show. We started in a 69 position. With her shaved pussy in my mouth and my dick in her’s, we ate each other out really good for a long while. Then the sex was fun and nasty. She was doing all this for him, than for either one of us. She kept looking at him as he sat their jerking off and asking if he liked this or is he enjoying that? A Swing Show where everyone was having their own fun. I loved it! We all had a really great time together. I stayed there for three days with them just having fun. :)

Then into D.C. All the while, I was just cruising nice and easy, having plenty of time to party and having an overdose of extremely perverted and sadistic sex. So many women and such a crazed and wild adventure. I have to say that until then, I never felt more alive or in control. I was eating pussy across America! :)

Question: Can You tell us about your time in D.C.?
Answer: D.C. Is possibly the most corrupt and debased city in all the world! Gratification of the flesh is what drives D.C. and everyone who goes there to represent their Home Land, World Leaders and those just doing business. I have found My perverted home here. At every corner, someone is doing some sort of transaction. When the Sun falls, a clandestine world emerges. A sometimes weird and sadistic place that an everyday imagination can not comprehend or would find most disgusting.

The blood lust and perversion is what rules the city. Sacrifices are the norm and the feeding of the flesh comes first. I had found paradise. Here was a city without bonderies or inhibitions of any sort. Nothing was left to the imagination and nothing was held sacred—Except the Lust of the Flesh!

As we all know—each city has its own particular odor. A scent that tells everyone that this is where you’re at and stays with you until you die. D.C.’s pungency was that of sex and lust. So much so that there is a zoo in the middle of the city to protect the animals from those leaders visiting there.

I was out one night enjoying a steak dinner, when out of nowhere an old woman in her 50s takes the check away from me and leads me to her apartment down the street. This place was expensive and full of antiques and very posh. There, she had me tie her down upon the bed and was told to use and abuse her to no end, all while fucking her hard and dirty. For me to do all that I please to her as long and it was degrading and painful. This lasted for over three hours. And I absolutely loved it all. She must have orgasm at least 30 times that night. She then gave me $1,500 dollars and told me to never return. I grabbed her by the hair and gave her a long kiss goodbye.

My greatest joy in all this was giving her all what she wanted. I give women what they crave and anything that they desire in the bedroom, where-ever, and it is about their just needs that are of interest to me. “Many flowers have bloomed unseen, wasting their Sweetness away.”

Question: If released from prison tomorrow, what would You do?
Answer: I would first stand back consciously and take a walk around the city I’m living in. Then grab a few trash bags, a rake and gloves and head over to do some cleaning in a dirty lot or public place that needed cleaning. I would clean up as many public places as I possibly could. Then rent a tow-truck and go around towing away any abandoned cars.

Question: What was prison like for You?
Answer: Years of Self-Reflection. An awakening and honest maturity. Sadly, it’s easy being a slave, than working hard to become a master of your own destiny. Yes, I’m very much so a Lucifarian Anarchist! Dependant on no one or accountable to any form of social contract made up by customs, religion, traditions or authority. A Man Awake! Who has made My own Zine establishing what I think and on being a “Serial Anarchist.” Challenging anyone to try to shock someone who is truly unshockable—With wild personal stories and adventures. I plan on including the most bizarre in my next zine. Who out there has the sickest shit?

And I’ve become Mindful of each and every moment and thought. Always in this moment, because this moment is all we have. It is always right here, right now, always. Smile, appreciate Life and know that you’re not alone in the world.

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