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Friday, October 9, 2009

3to1 Studios captures Willis Tower Skydeck's The Ledge like no other view yet

ledge1.jpgWhen the news of the new Sears (OK, Willis, if you insist) Tower Skydeck attraction "The Ledge" first broke, the reaction was universal: "Awesome!"

Not so universal was the willingness to jump on the 4 inches of glass between the perfect view and oblivion. Plenty of adventurous souls jumped at the chance to levitate 1,300 feet above Chicago's streets, but just as man cautious folks said "thanks, but are you crazy?!?"

And up until now, this GigaPan shot from The Ledge was just about the best thing going in terms of high-up imagery.

Well, here's a little video project that should be immediately embraceable by both groups. Chicago film and media company 3to1 Studios has posted the above making-of video of a high definition project the crew is working on based on pretty much every angle possible of The Ledge.

We had a unique opportunity to shoot, "The Ledge" experience on the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago (formerly Sears Tower). For those who are unfamiliar with The Ledge, it's basically a glass and steel platform that protrudes out of the tower for a unique 103 story view of the city below.

Our mission was to shoot The Ledge from all sides including some reverse shots outside, a task not for the Acrophobic.

Willing to do anything for the perfect shot, our fearless Director of Photography, Kevin Moss and his First A.C., Hunter Whalen strapped into the towers window washing scaffold armed with the Red Camera One to capture some of the more breathtaking views of The Ledge itself.

This in itself provided most of our crew the opportunity to view the city of Chicago from the real Skydeck, the rooftop of the Willis Tower.

And the title, "Anything for the perfect shot," really sums up best what this experience must have been like for the crew. Hanging over the edge, literally, off the roof of the Willis with a handheld HD camera, safety harness or not, must have been quite the adrenaline rush to say the least.

So when can we see the actual footage, which promises to be stunning for all but the most vertigo-stricken? According to a comment from their post, it'll play at the Willis, presumably for people waiting in the miles of lines it takes to get to the top:

We can't release the footage for the time being. But you will be able to see it projected on a large screen in line at the Willis Tower skydeck ;)

Can't wait. Should almost make that eternal wait for the turbo elevators to the top worth the while.

And, if you just want a bunch more beautiful shots from the Ledge, you might want to click here.