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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diablo Cody Writes Playboy Movie

quick takeDiablo Cody Is Working With Hugh Hefner To Write Playboy Biopic.

Tweet for us and get Hugh’s favorite movie of the year: Away We Go (starring John Krasinski from The Office).(Hef pickup line: “Does that kitty drink powdered milk?”)I’ve fiddled with various ways to introduce this story for about 40 minutes now, but the long and short of it is that Hugh Hefner recently said on Twitter that he was meeting with Diablo Cody about the Playboy/Hugh Hefner biopic movie:“Meeting with Diablo Cody to talk about the Brian Grazer Playboy film today.”Aaand that’s pretty much all we know. At one point, Brett Ratner was set to direct this project, but with Youngblood (the comic book), Beverly Hills Cop 4, and a big cheesy pile of nachos bellgrande currently on his plate, that’s probably not going to happen. Diablo Cody is an avid Twitterer herself, and though she’s said plenty about buying Hanes underwear and reactions to ‘J-Bod’, she says nothing of a Playboy movie. So does this mean Diablo Cody is going to write the script for the Playboy movie? Maybe. Or maybe Hef just wanted her to read it. Or maybe he needed some zingers about Brian Grazer’s hair. But whatever they discussed, I’m sure the room smelled like Thai food. [via Cinematical]