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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mum and four daughters spend £40,000 on nine boob ops

Chantal Marshall and four of her daughters have had NINE boob jobs between them, making them the British family to have had the most breast surgery – bra none!

Marshall family (Pic:SM)

They call their home Silicone City – and for good reason. Chantal Marshall and four of her daughters have had NINE boob jobs between them.

That makes them the British family to have had the most breast surgery – bra, er, bar none.

While most mums and their daughters enjoy shopping trips together, Chantal, 50, and her daughters have spent nearly £40,000 on visits to cosmetic surgeons to have their breasts enlarged.

Ripley, 18, Tara, 22, Terri, 25, Emma, 28, and mum-of-nine Chantal, of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts, now boast chest sizes ranging from 34DD to 32GG.

On one occasion, Emma and Ripley even ended up having breast enhancement surgery on the same day and at the same clinic as their mum.

Tara had booked her consultation aged 17 so she could have the op as soon as she reached the age of 18.

The sisters – all with matching blonde hair just like their mum – say that like most siblings they have always copied each other.

But they insist that when it comes their chest sizes, they aren’t at all competitive.

They reckon their desire for bigger boobs was inspired by Chantal – who is often mistaken by strangers for their sister.

Here they share their stories...

Mum Chantal

Age: 50; No of ops: 3; Spent: £13,500

CARER and mum-of-nine Chantal is a petite Size 10 and was 34B before her first op. She is now a 34DD.

She says: “Having nine children left my boobs looking like milk bottles. In 1996, after I had my seventh child, I had my first set of implants but I ended up even more unhappy.

“They looked like balls in socks rather than the pert, round breasts I had imagined. I was quite traumatised. So when Emma said she was going to have a boob job I was terrified. But when I saw how great they looked it made me brave enough to consider having mine done again and in February 2004 I had them enlarged to 34DD.

“Two years down the line I wanted to perk them up. So when Emma and my second youngest daughter Ripley said they were going to get theirs done I suggested we all went together.

“My daughters say I inspired them to have boob jobs but I’ve got them to thank for encouraging me to get mine done again. There’s no mistaking the family resemblance – but now we’ve got the boobs to match too!”


Age: 28; No of ops: 2; Spent: £9,500

Emma is a beauty therapist and is a Size 12. Before her first enlargement she was a 34B. She is now a 34F.

She says: “We all laugh it’s Silicone City round our house. It’s amazing we’re the family with the most boob jobs in Britain – and we’re all really happy with the results.

“I first got my boobs done 10 years ago when I was just 18. I had a good figure but longed for more curves.

“I’d look at Baywatch on TV and think ‘they look stunning’. Then I’d look in the mirror and imagine myself with a bigger pair.

“I knew it would give me more confidence. So I got a loan and got my 34B cup enlarged to a D cup. I felt so much happier as they suited my curvy frame.

“I didn’t have any problems but they say you should have implants replaced after 10 years, which is why I went under the knife again.

I went for my second op with my mum and sister Ripley. “One of the first things we said when we came round from the anaesthetic was, ‘Let’s have a look at yours!’”


Age: 18; No of ops: 1; Spent: £4,500

Ripley, 18, fashion and design student and trained nail technician. She is a Size 8. Before surgery in March she was a 34C. She went up to a 34DD.

She says: “I’m the youngest in our family to have a boob job. Some sisters are competitive – but I’m as delighted by my sisters’ and mum’s boob jobs as I am my own.

“It’s brought us closer together – I couldn’t wait to get mine done.

“Although I’m a Size 8 I don’t like the ironing board figure like Keira Knightley’s. I prefer the womanly curves of J-Lo. I’d buy bigger bras and then pad them out with chicken fillets and padding.

“After seeing my sisters and the way they felt about having theirs done, I wanted to do the same.

“I managed to save up half the money I needed and then got a loan.

“Emma and I investigated on the internet and found surgeon Dr Hicham Mouallem at The Wimpole Clinic in London. He was brilliant.”


Age: 25; No of ops: 1; Spent: £4,500

Terri, 25, is a dancer and lives in Papplewick, Notts. She is a Size 10. Before her boob job she was a 32DD. She is now a 32GG.

She says: “I once had a jokey argument with my sister Emma about who had the biggest boobs. But it was all friendly – there’s never been sibling rivalry as we’re very close.

“I had my boob job after my sister Emma. When I saw hers I knew I had to go and get mine done. They looked amazing and I was so jealous.

“I’ve always had quite big boobs but I wanted to go bigger. So I booked myself in with the same surgeon just one month later.

“Some people might think I’m crazy but it’s what I wanted. I saved up and luckily my boyfriend Paul helped towards the cost.

“I had no trepidations about going – I’d rather get my boobs done than go to the dentist. I’d hate to be flat-chested. Put it this way, if I was, I’d be putting 10 chicken fillets in my boobs and be wearing a jelly-bra.”


Age: 22; No of ops: 2; Spent: £8,000

Tara, a receptionist, is a Size 10. Before her first boob job she was a 34A. She is now a 34E.

She says: “Looks-wise my sisters and I share nearly everything. We’ve all got similar hair and facial features but when it came to boobs I was no way near as blessed.

“I never got any bigger than an A-cup and my boobs looked like two little eggs. Everyone said I looked fine but I felt I looked pear-shaped.

“I knew bigger boobs would make me happy but rather than getting upset about it, I decided that as soon as I was old enough I’d save up and have breast implants.

“I managed to save up the money I needed and as soon as I was 17 I booked a consultation.

“I had the op when I turned 18 and I was so excited that I almost fell off the hospital bed beforehand.

“After I had my daughter in 2005 I decided to have them done again. I love the fake look so I decided to go for a 34E. I feel amazing.”