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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Megan Fox Devours Male Scenery in Red-Band Jennifer's Body Trailer

fox_jb_2mv.jpgAnybody who’s followed the aftermath of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen knows that inside Megan Fox’s lithe, photogenic frame, there’s the soul of a serious actress waiting to captivate Hollywood. And this morning, with the red-band trailer for her horror comedy Jennifer’s Body debuting online, we know that we’ll have to wait at least one more film for that takeover to occur.

That said, this is a big step up from submitting to Michael Bay’s lecherous camera and leg-humping robots. Fox has her first leading role as the title character, a smoking-hot high-school cheerleader who can’t keep the guys away — which is a good thing, because the hungry demons who possess her require a strict diet of young men. “You’re killing people!” protests her geeky confidante Needy (Amanda Seyfried). “No, I’m killing boys,” Jennifer replies. Got it. Either way, Needy appears to hide Jennifer’s secret until — surprise! — she herself faces devouring. Brilliant young actor Johnny Simmons closes the triangle as Seyfried’s boyfriend/prey-to-be, and Adam Brody drops in as the preening, guylinered rock vocalist whose jilting got Jennifer all hot, bothered and hemo-craving in the first place.

The trailer also bears the teeth marks of fellow cultural scavengers Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, the latter of whom has tweaked Juno’s quote-friendly patois for the R-rated set (“It smells like Thai food in here,” Fox purrs. “Have you guys been fucking?”). Director Karyn Kusama gets all the vintage teen-horror benchmarks in here as well: woodsy slaughters, shadow sex, high-school caste wars, and more. All seem to have acquitted themselves admirably, though spraying blood and mangled flesh aside, the grossest thing here might be the soundtrack listing preceding the actual credits. Any time Panic at the Disco and Dashboard Confessional get top billing over those responsible for the film, trouble can’t be far behind. Still, admit it: They had you at the Fox logo.


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