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Friday, June 5, 2009

Watermelon Woman Is Brazil’s National Fruit

Photos by AgNews

Famous for Having an Ass


The only person who loves Andressa Soares’s butt more than Brazil’s sun-soaked masses and us is Andressa Soares. She’s really into it. And for good reason: Her ass has catapulted the charming Rio-born girl from bit parts in music videos into the pop-star spotlight as the overendowed Watermelon Woman. Devoted fans now flock to her concerts, paparazzi stalk her every move, and crazed men and woman paw at her whenever they are able. In case you’re wondering why all the fuss in a country with thousands upon thousands of similarly impressive posteriors: Watermelon Woman’s ass measures a formidable 46 inches around and she can’t stop shaking it, even when she tries to.

Vice: Oi, querida! Please tell us who you are.

Watermelon Woman:
My name is Andressa Soares, better known as Mulher Melancia: Watermelon Woman.

How’d you get such an excellent name, and what does it mean?

I was a radio broadcaster, and one day the station posted a picture of me online. Once people saw it they started commenting: “Wow, her bumbum looks like a watermelon! It is really big!” They started teasing me.

What were you doing in this picture?

It was a picture of me at the beach. I was bathing in the sea and my butt was up in the air.

Photos by AgNews

And now you’re a famous musical performer! Tell us about this intriguing type of butt dancing you do to accompany your songs.

The dance is called créu, named after MC Créu. I was invited to shoot with him some time ago, and I thought, “I’m not going to participate. I don’t know who MC Créu is!” But eventually I went. Before the DVD was released there was a huge buzz, and people started saying, “You have to see the butt of this woman dancing! She shakes and trembles in different speeds.”

I understand you and Créu parted ways soon after. Is this when you developed your own style?

I can’t dance to his music anymore because he won’t let me. But people always want to see the butt shaking on the floor. There are only five speeds in Créu’s music, so I made a sixth speed to dance to.

And that’s when fame really set in.

After I became Watermelon Woman I was on the cover of Playboy. Now everyone in Brazil knows me. Everything has to do with my butt!

What is a Watermelon Woman show like?

There are two dancers—one blond, one brunette—me, and a DJ. We start with a song called “Single Yes, Alone Never!” then I ask the crowd: “Are there any single men here tonight?” Then we get the body moving.

This is your signature move, right?

Yeah. Truthfully, it’s like a motor: Vrrrrrrr! It’s extremely tiring. “Go, go, go, butt! Go, go, go!”

Photos by AgNews

I suspect there are more men than women in your audience.

In the beginning there were only men. Of 1,000 people, there’d be 900 men. But then the women heard songs like “Single Yes, Alone Never!” and “No Man’s Decent,” and now it’s more balanced. Thank God!

What’s it like always having your ass cheeks rule your life?

I feel really happy. For my family it’s the best thing ever, and I love it. I’ve wanted to be in Playboy since I was a little girl.

So even as a child you knew there was something special back there?

When I was one or two years old, the mothers and fathers of all the other children would say, “Look at the butt on that girl, kids!” I used to think it was ugly.

And what do you make of Brazil’s more anorexic-looking gals?

Well, 20 to 30 percent of people here get silicone implants. Some in their lips, some in their butts, but mostly in their chests.

Do you think you’ve had any role in changing how Brazilian women perceive themselves?

I think so—from what people tell me. One day I had an interview with a woman who said that before me, women were always looking to put silicone in their breasts. Only 20 or 30 percent would look for silicone to be applied in their butt.

That’s not quite what I meant, but I see your point.

Nowadays 85 percent of women demand silicone for the butt and 65 percent for the breasts. People were not concerned about the butt before—they were into liposuction. Now they are more into having thick thighs and big butts—being curvy with a thin waist. Even the actresses now are a little curvier than before.

Photos by AgNews

Does it get annoying having people stare at your ass all the time?

I am actually used to people looking and even touching it, to be honest.

The guys usually ask to take a picture and put their arm around my neck, but before they go, they “unintentionally” brush their arm down my butt. They try to apologize and all, but I don’t care. What am I going to do? Even women! Women are more straightforward. They ask, “Can I touch your ass to see how firm it is?” I swear to you, this is how it goes.

Do you find that Brazilian women’s definition of beauty varies from city to city?

Women in São Paulo are more concerned about their face and makeup. They dress nicer. The women in Rio are not like that. It’s not that they don’t care about their faces, but the body comes first. They work out a lot to look strong for the beach. In Rio, women practically live in their bikinis.

Europe and the US focus mostly on women’s breasts, while in Brazil the shape and size of the butt seems to be the primary concern.

That is absolutely true. Especially in Rio. For example, when someone sees a woman down the street, before they even start talking, they look at the butt. I myself do that. I can’t say a woman is pretty if she doesn’t have a nice butt.

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