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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shia LaBeouf Says Spielberg Gearing Up for Indiana Jones 5

Written by Kyle Buchanan

shia20indiana20jones20promo.jpgWe’d heard rumblings that another Indiana Jones sequel might be in the works, but we dismissed them instinctively; after all, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took nearly twenty years to get off the ground, and it seemed unlikely that another decade or so of George Lucas script vetoes would lead to anything fruitful. And yet, Shia LaBeouf has seemed to indicate otherwise during his UK press tour for Transformers.

According to Slashfilm, “Newsround presenter Lizo Mzimba” cornered LaBeouf about the matter, and the actor said that Steven Spielberg had “cracked” the concept for Indy 5 and would be “gearing that up” soon. Really?

Let me guess: we’re getting another trilogy of films, this time with the Harrison Ford/LaBeouf combo. I love it when film actors say they don’t want to commit to the five-year contract of a television series, yet take on multiple franchises with sequel mandates.

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