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Monday, June 1, 2009

See the original image at — Will Ferrell's Uncredited Role in "The Goods" Will Be Huge

pivensready.JPGIt may not surprise you to know that The Goods was produced by Will Ferrell’s company Gary Sanchez, as the car salesman comedy bears all the hallmarks of the ex-SNLer’s work: a deluded egotist at its center (here played, in a stretch, by Jeremy Piven), a vaguely unflattering wardrobe that looks snatched from the disco era, and David Koechner in a supporting role. What may not be apparent, though, is that the movie boasts a secret star performance that’s glimpsed for nary a frame in the new trailer below.

That’d be from Ferrell, whose unbilled role is actually one of the largest in the movie, according to Piven himself. It’s not the first time Ferrell (who recently played a car dealer in Eastbound & Down) has gone without credit — there was also his third-act performance in Wedding Crashers, and his, uh, cameo as Artie Lange’s boyfriend in Boat Trip, according to the IMDb. There are no survivors of that movie who can confirm how that went.

So how does the Ferrell-less trailer play? Meh. Ironically, the missing Ferrell role really seems to be the one Piven’s playing; only Ferrell himself could tap into the outsized sense of the absurd it takes to truly sell Piven’s introductory monologue. Expect a second trailer with wall-to-wall Will as soon as the test scores come in.

VERDICT: Wouldn’t drive it off the lot.