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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Krist Novoselic's Running for Office

Krist Novoselic's column runs every Tuesday on the Daily Weekly.
Our friend and columnist Krist Novoselic has announced that his intention to run for the Wahkiakum County clerk. He prefers "Grange Party." Anyone who's followed Krist's column knows he's been active with Grange for years. On the Grays River Grange blog, Krist wrote:

"It could be worse - at least I'm not an interloper only out to usurp the good name of the Grange. I was elected Master of the Grays River Grange and am a committed member. I'm also doing this to beat anyone else with the same idea. However, if there were another Grange candidate in the race, it would be up to voters figure out who is their preferred Grange candidate - even though the Grange doesn't run candidates.

As a strong believer in private association, I oppose the way The State has implemented I-872 - the Grange sponsored Top Two Primary. My problem is not really with a top two runoff election. My issue is with the way candidates can appropriate the name of a private group."

Good luck, Krist.