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Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Very Embarrassing Celebrity YouTube Videos

Being a celebrity can bring a lot of perks both financially and emotionally but every so often the price of fame can be a bit high. One of the biggest negatives is paparazzi and any stranger on the street constantly coming after you for that one infamous photo or even worse, a video of every moment of you life. In the case of these following celebrities, fame cost them some pretty embarrassing moments:

1. David Hasslhoff drunk as a skunk: this tall soap opera to Baywatch hunk had everything going for him. So it’s particularly sad to see the person who turned in this video of him, plastered and rolling around on the ground, was his own daughter. Whether it was to teach him a lesson or a misguided, last ditch attempt to get her father to sober up, only she can know:

2. Steve-O making an ass of himself on Adam Corolla Late Night: This guy didn’t earn a bad-ass reputation just out of nowhere. And Corolla admits that his show planned to get him drunk so he could perform some crazy stunts. What insurance company are they with that would allow that!:

3. Danny Devito drunk on The View: Now this one was a blast. If I was given the opportunity to have seven Lemoncellos with George Clooney the night before an interview, I would go for it. And Devito proves he’s as loveable drunk as he is sober:

4. Michael Jackson accepting an award that wasn’t being given: The King of Pop really does live in his own Never Neverland. Watch Britney Spears wish him a happy birthday with flourish by calling him the musician of the millennium then watch it go to his head in a flash:

5. This just in! How can you not mention Eminem's obvious embarrassment when Sacha Cohen as Bruno in angel wings "dropped in" last weekend at the MTV movie awards landing in a most unfortunate way. Was Em in on the stunt? Who knows for sure, but he did look a little red in the cheeks:

6. Kimberly Stewart ain’t no Hell’s Angel: At a motorcycle stunt on a Harley with buddy Paris Hilton, I guess they forgot to let her know that the bike was turned on. What really amazes me is Paris’ reaction, laughing at her friend and making no attempt to go help her out. Kimberly, watch out for those BFFs:

7. Ashley Simpson on Saturday Night Live: Miss Simpson should have phones this one in. In fact, it looks like that’s what she wishes she could have done. She might consider another career doing the Chicken Dance at October Feasts around the world:

So what do you think folks? Is the price of fame worth it?!