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Friday, June 26, 2009

12 Celebrities Who Were Offered Large Sums to do Porn

By Yosef Solomon

It’s well documented that pornography can be quite profitable. For those producing, and in some case, for those staring in adult films especially. Adopting the “any press is good press mentality”, many celebrities have used sex tapes to boost their stardom. Others, as an inadvertent result of stardom, have been offered millions to star in pornographic media. The following are some of the most famous porn offers, and other porn-related situations involving celebrities. Some are hilarious and some are awesome (McCarty), but any case the fact that some of these propositions even exist, and there are markets for some of these hypothetical movies, proves to me that humankind still has a sense of humor.

Susan Boyle



Thanks to YouTube, Susan Boyle became an overnight hit, around the world. Since her tryouts for the popular British reality show in April of 2009, she has become inundated with offers, from book deals to album contracts…to a starring role in… a porn film. Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company, Kick Ass Films, has reportedly offered her a contract worth over $1 million to lose her virginity on camera. “We want to get this movie shot and out while Susan has the world’s attention,” said Kick Ass Films’ executive Mark Kulkis to the New York Daily News. He concluded, “…besides, after 47 years of virginity, I’m sure Susan is also anxious to get something cracking as soon as possible.” There have been no reports confirming if Susan Boyle has yet to respond to the offer from Kick Ass Films.




The media’s infatuation with the OctoMom seems to have wanes, but that doesn’t mean her willingness to exploit her children for money has diminished any. According to a press release on Vivid Entertainment’s website, Nadya Sulleman was offered $1 million and free health care for her and her children if she signs a contract with Vivid. Though the press release didn’t stipulate how many films she would be signed on for, it is understood be a multi-film deal. In response, OctoMom went on record at RadarOnline, by saying: “Those guys at Vivid Video must be nuts! Who wants to see me naked? Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Spencer Pratt



According to the print edition of InTouch Weekly, in late 2007, Gay porn producer, Michael Lucas offered douchebag extraordinaire (and “The Hills” co-star) Spencer Pratt a staring role in one of his porn movies. Lucas stated, “…[Pratt] was born to be in a gay-porn blockbuster. Lucas Entertainment would do anything to be able to center our next major all-male production on Spencer Pratt.” Spencer quickly declined the offer by reportedly saying, “…I think I will have to turn down this offer.”

Sarah Palin



After Sarah Palin’s failed bid to become Vice President of the United States, Florida-based porn director, Cezar Capone was the first to offer her a job. As the self-proclaimed “King of All MILF Films,” Capone offered Palin $2 million dollars to star in one of his films. To sweeten the deal he also offered her husband a co-staring role for $100,000. Despite the fact this offer was sent to her office in Juneau, Alaska on November 6, 2008 the Palin Administration has yet to publicly decline. Interestingly, during the run-up to the 2008 election, Hustler Magazine released Nailin’ Palin, featuring a doppelganger of the Alaskan governor.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre



In 2008, popular New York Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned from office after it was revealed he spent thousands of dollars cavorting with whores. Thanks to public profiles on MySpace, the media got wind of a prostitute Spitzer frequented. Within days of the story breaking, Dupre was all over the news. Subsequently, Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis offered Dupre a deal worth $1 million to host one of his videos; he withdrew the offer when he found old videoo footage of her from 2003. According to Rueters, Dupre then filled a $10 million lawsuit against Joe Francis, but was later dropped. The reason why she dropped the lawsuit was explained in a statement by her lawyer, “Ms. Dupre wants to eliminate all negativity from her life and focus on the positive.”

Dupre also entertained a $1 million offer from Hustler, and a lucrative contract with Vivid entertainment, in which, executive Steven Hirsch was quoted to say, “…she could wind up being the highest paid actress in adult entertainment.” There have been no reports confirming if she has accepted any of these deals offered to her by the adult industry.

Carrie Prejean



Vivid Entertainment CEO, Steven Hirsch, recently sent a personal letter to former Miss California. The letter acknowledged the controversy surrounding her personal beliefs, and topless photos that were leaked on the Internet. Hirsch wrote in his short address to Ms. Prejean, “…our studio is known for its high quality adult films and we are offering you up to $1-million to star in one of our upcoming movies.” Originally sent on May 5, 2009, Ms. Prejean has yet to formally reply to the offer.

Kim Kardashian



Once word got out that Vivid Entertainment was going to distribute a sex tape of Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Ray J, Kardashian filled a lawsuit to halt its distribution. According to the L.A. Superior Court suit, Kardashian asked for unspecified damages, attorney fees and all profits from the sale of the tape. Because of the lawsuit, Vivid stalled distribution of the video. Vivid would eventually released the feature, and according to the New York Post, Kardashian dropped the lawsuit when she was offered a $5 million - most likely just to not get in the way of things.

Kevin Federline



Kevin Federline has consistently and adamantly denied the existence of a sex tape between him and Britney Spears. The very rumor of this tape, however, prompted media mogul (and opportunistic sommabitch) Rupert Murdoch to offer a reported $50 million for it. According to, David Hans Schmidt, who is known for brokering celeb sex-tape deals, has estimated this video (if it exists) would actually be worth around $200 million. According to a statement released by Federline’s lawyer, any rumors of his client’s involvement with a sex tape are “false and inaccurate.”

Kelli McCarty



The former Miss USA-turned-soap star, shocked many when she gave up her daytime acting gig to pursue a career in the adult entertainment business. McCarty won the Miss USA crown in 1991, and following her win began a career acting in television sitcoms which eventually led to a recurring role on NBC’s “Passions.” After McCarty’s character was killed off in 2006, she began to explore other opportunities. According to the New York Daily News, McCarty said, “…I enjoy acting, and I really like sex … so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions.” McCarty’s first project with Vivid Entertainment is called Faithless, and it was released in February 2009. As could be imagined, it feaures the super-milfy McCarty and lots of soap opera-calibre acting.

Ray J



Ray J commented in regards to his sex tape that was leaked: “It is what it is. Don’t hate on my hustle; this is America.” Following the leak of this above-mentioned video, both have become more successful than they were previous to its release: Ray J’s musical career has blossomed; and, they both have gone on to star in her own reality TV series’. Due to the success of the sex tape, Ray-J was also offered a four-feature deal by Vivid Entertainment to star in and direct films. There have been no reports whether Ray J has accepted the deal or not.

Tanya Harding



Tanya Harding found infamy in her involvment of the beating of Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. Tanya Harding has remained a D-list celebrity ever since. Throughout her relationship with the media, Harding has been offered many deals, but none more lucrative than contracts with Playboy and Penthouse. Ironically after refusing the six figure deals, her ex-husband sold a sex tape of them for only a reported $15,000.

John Wayne Bobbit



When John Wayne Bobbit famously had his penis sliced off, the last thing he was probably thinking about was a subsequent stint in adult film-making. Following that fateful incident with his now ex-wife (no shit, right) , Bobbit penned a million dollar contract with Liesure Time Communications to star in John Wayne Bobbit Uncut. Directed by Ron Jeremy, the film went onto sell very well despite its price tag of $69.99. After this debut, Bobbit went onto to star in two more porn movies throughout the mid 1990’s.

Then there’s this guy…

Dustin Diamond



In 2007, controversy surrounded the release of a sex tape with Dustin Diamond engaged in a threesome. According to an entry on The Insider’s website, David Hans Schmidt spoke out against Diamond’s accusations that the tape was released without his permission. Schmidt said, “…Dustin was in on this deal from the start. He made this tape in a St. Louis hotel room with two girls last summer with the intention that I would sell it.” The controversy didn’t stop Diamond from promoting his performance by going on Howard Stern and MSNBC. The tape was finally released to sub-par reviews and less than stellar sales.

Oh and her magazine deal…

Paula Jones



Paula Jones is one of many women in Bill Clinton’s past to accuse him of sexual harassment, and cash in on the fact that Clinton most likley made advances on every woman he came into contact with. Jones ‘lawsuit against Bill Clinton was initially dropped due to a lack of specified damages. She then later settled outside of court with the Clinton’s for a reported $850,000, of which she only saw $201,000. After the Clinton Scandal was settled, Jones accrued heavy legal fees and a large tax debt, and as a result, gladly took an offer to pose for Penthouse. According to an article in USA Today she also did the magazine spread for money and to invest in her kids future by paying for their college educations.