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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Descendents: Clean Sheets (Live, 1987)

"Clean sheets mean a lot, to a guy who sleeps on the floor. I wanted your love, and a shelf on your dresser drawer. You tucked me in, and you stopped my tossing and turning. But I turned back the covers, and I saw those sheets are dirty. Even though you'll never come clean, you know it's true: Those sheets are dirty, and so are you."

Shot live at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, Missouri in 1987, this Descendents show is not the original line-up of the band but is probably the most beloved, with Karl Alvarez on bass, Stephen Egerton on guitar and core members Bill Stevenson (drums) and Milo Aukerman (vocals). Minus Aukerman, this is the line-up that would become the band ALL the following year.