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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Visa Card Features Keypad, Generates Random Security Codes

In response to popular concerns with online credit card fraud, Visa Europe has announced a newly designed credit card, complete with a keypad and digital number display, according to the Daily Mail.

While the credit card is of the usual size and features a credit card number and magnetic strip for use with conventional card readers, it does not have a security code number in the traditional sense. Instead, cardholders will enter their PIN into the keypad, which will then generate a random number on the display. This random number will serve as the cardholder's one-time security code, which can then be entered to make online purchases.

While we're all about ways to combat identity theft, and think that this card is as valid a solution as any, we still know better than to immediately jump on board with new technology, particularly when it has to do with money, and even more particularly when we're in the middle of a recession. We'll let some other folks try it first, and then have them tell us how it works out. [From: The Daily Mail]