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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Solar-Powered Lamp Sticks to Window for Charging, Anywhere Else for Lighting

by Jaymi Heimbuch,

solar sticker light designer photo
Photo via SCMP

A post-it style light that sticks to the window during the day for solar charging and sticks to, well, anything else at night for ambient lighting.

That sounds awesome.

Hong Kong inventor Keikko Lee has designed the magazine cover-thin light that uses 100% solar power to run, and could significantly cut down on raw materials for lighting production. While many concepts are futuristic and yeah-rights, this one sounds like it has some practical potential.

The concept is that the sticker would have electroluminescent material on one side, and solar panels on the other. It would attach to a window for day-time charging, and could stick most anywhere at all for lighting during the evenings. I assume it would use the biomimetic gecko stickiness that so many researchers are currently focusing on.

"I believe not only the product itself has to be ecological, but the manufacturing process should be ecological too, in order to make our environment better," said Lee.

Who knows if this concept will ever make it to production – though it seems plausible. With thin-film solar going on everything from backpacks to clothes, why not window-sticker lights?Stranger solar lighting has happened. But it sure puts a whole new twist on the glow-in-the-dark stickers we used to plaster all over our bedroom ceilings.

Via EarthTimes