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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lamborghini Estoque: ' Es-tock-eh '

October 2, 2008
Secret new Lambo revealed
The teasing is over, Lambo's secret is revealed - and it's a four-door super saloon called the Estoque.

Unveiled moments ago here at Paris, it's fair to say there were dropped jaws all round.

Lambo's brand director Manfred Fitzgerald says that he's not interested in what anyone else is doing - Aston's Rapide or Porsche's Panamera - but that this is a statement of intent.

And what a statement it is.

It measures in at over five metres long and two metres wide, with a wheelbase alone at three metres, and yet it's only 1.35 metres high. So it's long, wide, and very, very low.

It retains design details from last year's wowie Reventon, and those wheels are just plain huge.

This show car currently houses Lambo's recently reworked 556bhp, 5.2-litre V10 but, as our Jason Barlow speculates in the new issue, could easily accomodate the Murcielago's V12, a V8, or even, as Fitzgerald has hinted intriguingly, a new hybrid power train.

A hybrid Lambo?!

Interesting stuff. And Lambo says it's good to go with this, so expect to see it on the road soonish.

But for now, just breathe in those pictures. And try to decide whether it's this or the Aston that steals the show.

(Incidentally, the name Estoque, pronounced 'Es-tock-eh', is the sword which a matador uses to finish off a bull in the ring.)

The veggies will love that.