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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stripper Accused of Going Too Far; Rapes Best Man (For Real)

Best man, Ms Naggs, and an unspeakable act

By Mex Cooper

A best man, allegedly raped by a stripper with a sex toy, had stepped in for the groom who "wasn't interested" in his bucks' party's strip show, a court has heard.

A  witness told the Melbourne Magistrates Court the alleged victim had been egged on by a cheering crowd of up to 30 men to perform with the hired stripper, Linda Maree Naggs, after the groom sat down after spending less than a minute with her.

"All the boys were there wanting a show," he said.

Naggs, 39, has been charged with raping the best man who told police he was sexually penetrated with a vibrator during the party on the Mornington Peninsula last September.

The alleged victim, who cannot be identified, had his pants pulled down to his knees and his top off when Naggs was passed a vibrator by a female assistant, the court heard.

One witness said the best man had looked uncomfortable throughout the performance and was forced on to all fours by Naggs who was naked and wearing a  sex toy.

"She went behind him and pulsated to push him to the ground," he said.

The witness said he heard the man scream and get to his feet.

"'Why did you do that for ... you didn't have to do that,'" he said the man yelled.

The court heard the man then pushed Naggs in the chest who retaliated with a right-hook punch but missed and threatened to "come back with my bikie mates".

"She was a little bit hysterical ... she thought she was a boxer," the best man's brother told the court.

He said Naggs had been riding his "very conservative" brother like a dog or a horse before the alleged rape.

"I don't think he could see what was going on. I don't think he knew what was going to happen," the witness said.

The brother denied seeing drugs at the party where two strippers performed and topless waitresses served drinks.

He said the men had been loudly cheering in a "mature way" during Naggs's act that began with her whipping the man next to him in the groin.

The witness said he could not remember Naggs saying she would call the police or being struck in the head in an upstairs bedroom.

The court heard the best man told his brother in the toilet that he was bleeding after the alleged rape.

The court was closed to the media and public while the alleged victim gave evidence for just under two hours.

Biswaden Mitra, from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, said the alleged victim had  injuries the day after the bucks' party.

But when shown photographs of the sex toy, Dr Mitra said he could not say if it had caused the minor injury.

The committal hearing before magistrate Elizabeth Lambden to determine whether Naggs, of Rosebud West, should stand trial continues.