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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Porsche Reveals a bit of the Panamera Gran Turismo

STUTTGART, Germany — Porsche is kicking off its publicity campaign for the upcoming Panamera Gran Turismo today. The automaker calls its microsite the Panamera Online Magazine and is posting videos of disguised prototypes in testing, images and details about the new model.

The online magazine covers everything from a profile of a model-car collector to a survey of the Leipzig test track. Only the front end of the car is shown. The four-door Porsche is slated for its official debut next spring, but Porsche promises to show progressively more of it on the Internet in months to come.

Meanwhile, the automaker is also launching a massive mail and advertising campaign to promote the new model in October.

What this means to you: A little entertaining Web surfing while waiting for the new Porsche that Porsche is calling "Four, uncompromised."