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Monday, September 8, 2008

NFL Cheerleaders vs NCAA Cheerleaders

On this first weekend with college football and the NFL back-to-back a popular debate is likely to arise. Which type of football is better, college football or the NFL?

We agree it's a good discussion, but we prefer to address more perky, er, pertinent matters. Which cheerleaders are better?

The California Girls: Song Girls vs ... Does it matter?

They're the number one seed in college football and without any competition, not even in the NFL. Advantage: NCAA

The Sunshine State: Florida Gators vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers


I'm... I'm... if I were to pick a winner here, that means the other would be a loser and that's simply not the case. We'll call this a draw and revisit later if necessary. We can be sure the panhandle is a too hot to handle.

Lone Star Ladies: Texas Longhorns vs Dallas Cowboys


The Longhorn girls are one of college football's finest, but there's very little competition for the tradition and, uh, impact of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Just to make sure this NFL advantage is solidified, we'll bring in the closers -- Houston Texans:

Over. Advantage: NFL

Mid-Atlantic Maidens: North Carolina vs Washington Redskins


Cute, but there's really no competition here. Carolina is simply out of their league in every aspect. Advantage: NFL

Underrated Sleepers: Oregon Ducks vs Indianapolis Colts


Hey, the Midwest had to be represented somehow. And while the Colts girls hold their own, they can't compare to the hottest cheerleaders that aren't regularly featured on national television every week. Quack! Quack! Advantage: NCAA

: I'd hate to leave you hanging here, but I'd be surprised if you've read any words anyway. The answer here follows the same line of thinking as which sport you prefer. If you ask me the question on Saturday, then the college co-eds are without a doubt my favorite. If you ask me the same question on Sunday, and the Buccaneers happen to be playing the Redskins on national television, well then, the NFL is in a league of their own.

Let's face it, we all win this time of the year.