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Friday, September 12, 2008

More pics of 2010 Mustang revealed

2010 Ford Mustang - GT Badge

DEARBORN, Michigan — The Ford Motor Company is counting on the upcoming 2010 Ford Mustang to add some lost luster to the company name. Toward that end, Ford is teasing the introduction with release of several partial images on its Mustang countdown Web site.

Calling this week "Week 1," Ford says more images will be released each week until the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Week 1 images include a glimpse of the front grille, the side view and details of the steering wheel, rims and Mustang GT badge.

Chief designer Douglas Gaffka said the 2010 Mustang is intended to be "a distinct presence on the road" with an "even more aggressive" look that "flows from the shark-nose front."

Images, video and the countdown clock — along with an electronic sign-up for e-mail alerts about new information — are also available on the Web site.

What this means to you: It won't be long now.