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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lamborghini shows a glimpse of possible 4 door upmarket Panamera

PARIS — Two of Europe's top sports-car marques will shift their ongoing battle to new turf at the upcoming 2008 Paris Auto Show, where Porsche and Lamborghini both are expected to unveil new high-performance four-doors.

Lamborghini on Tuesday released a teaser image of its as-yet-unnamed and -unspecified vehicle, which insiders have described broadly as a "grand touring" car — that is, a high-performance sedan. The automaker, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, revealed no details about the car, referring to its October 1 press conference at the Paris show.

The Lambo teaser appears to show a portion of the vehicle's rear end, detailing a carbon-fiber diffuser shrouding center-mounted dual exhaust pipes.

A day earlier, Porsche released a teaser shot of the 2010 Panamera, which goes on sale next year in Europe and North America. It is expected that the car, described by Porsche as a Gran Turismo, will make its official debut at the Paris show, perhaps as a thinly disguised concept.

What this means to you: Who knows what will happen next, now that Porsche has seized financial control of VW?