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Monday, August 25, 2008

New Video Recording Options for iPhone 3G [Review, Demo]

We have been waiting for a video recorder for iPhone 3G for a while. Not only did we get there today but we got two of them.


If you have a jailbroken iPhone running 2.0 software, you can find Cycorder and Video Recorder via Cydia.

Let's do a quick review of both of these recorders.


Cycorder is a product from the developer of Cydia. Jay took a minimalistic design approach to his recorder with the focus on real-time compression. Cycorder does not have audio recording at this time, but since it's only a first release, we won't be surprised to find it in the future.




Cycorder user interface has a record option and immediate access to your recorder files. If you are looking for your videos after recording, they are in the Videos directory on your iPhone.

Video Sample

The video recording quality is quite respectable considering the capabilities of iPhone camera.

Technical Specs:

  • size of video 384x288
  • 4x3 aspect ration
  • MJPEG compression


Video Recorder for iPhone is developed by Dreamcatcher; it is clear that they were on a mission to develop a full-blown recorder. We like almost everything about Video Recorder.

Notable features we liked:

  • Ability to record in portrait mode
  • Audio recording
  • Ability to share video on YouTube

Things we did not like:

  • No real-time compression, this is the biggest turn off for this product. For example, it took over 2 minutes to encode a 30-second video.




You can purchase Video Recorder for $19.99. After purchase, you will get unlimited time for recordings and the enabled custom signature option.




The idea of having a portrait mode recording is outstanding; we love that option. Also, YouTube sharing worked as expected.



Sorry, but we just do not like how much time encoding takes.

Video Sample

The quality of the video produced by Video Recorder can be better compare to Cycorder's. In addition, the colors of video recording are off - more on the warm side.

Let's compare the features of both recorders, side by side



iPhone Video Recorder

Recording Quality Options
Audio Recording
Sharing Options
Real-time compression

Portrait mode recording
Free (ad supported)

Both recorders are respectable entries into video recording for iPhone. The developers took different approaches for each and it is nice to see some creativity. Cycorder beats Video Recorder hands down on the real-time compression capability and video quality. On another hand, Video Recorder is truly a full-feature recorder for iPhone. It is for you to decide which program you like the most.

Once again, the jailbroken software market is a step ahead of the app store apps. As far as we see it, these types of software are another reason to jailbreak your phone. What are you waiting for?


Qik has announced iPhone 3G support, so we decided to take their video streaming application for a spin.


Pandora is one of the most popular and beloved iPhone Apps in existence. And why not? It's free, customizable streaming radio! Unfortunately, the RIAA may be closing the lid on Pandora as ridiculous royalty fees continue to suck the company dry. But fear not, radio enthusiasts, as we have five Apps that may be able to fill that inevitable void.


No more SSH, no more jailbreaking, and no more useless utilities. Heck, if you want to add music from youtube video - no problem.


Due to all the great feedback our readers gave us, and some further iPhone experimentation (a.k.a. iPerimentation) on our part, we've found some other tips and tricks that can enhance your iPhone experience.

As an iPhone user, you've probably found yourself in lots of "iPhone" conversations, especially lately with the release of the App Store and iPhone 3G. If throughout those conversations you've found yourself thinking, "Wait, isn't jailbreaking and unlocking the same thing?" or "What does he mean by Pwnage", then this glossary is for you.