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Thursday, August 28, 2008

More detail on Chevy Volt from GMNext

DETROIT — The highly anticipated Chevrolet Volt, perhaps the most important car in General Motors history, will have such features as low-rolling-resistance tires and iPod connectivity. Those details emerged in a recent online chat with Bob Boniface, Chevrolet Volt director of design.

The transcript of the chat went up this week on Perhaps the most tantalizing bit of dialogue was an exchange between Boniface and Omar Rana, the editor in chief at

"We keep hearing the [sic] GM will reveal the Volt sometime in September. Is that true?" asked Rana.

"We have not yet announced when the Volt will be revealed," replied Boniface. "It will be soon, but any specific dates are conjecture at this point."

The lengthy chat gave readers more insight into what to expect from GM's electric car. Boniface gushed that the "interior is fantastic! The material selection is innovative and compelling." In response to a query about whether GM will add "technological features like iPod connectivity, USB audio ports, Bluetooth and such" to the Volt, Boniface answered "yes, yes and yes."

He also noted that the Volt "will have a folding rear seat creating a flat cargo area" and come equipped with "low-rolling-resistance tires."

In an encouraging development, Boniface said that aerodynamic discoveries from the Volt may make their way into other GM vehicles. "We have learned efficient ways to treat the underbody, spoiler, side mirrors, etc., which can be adapted to other programs," he said.

What this means to you: Just a few more juicy tidbits to chew on as you try to put together the puzzle of the Chevrolet Volt.