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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best desings according to Kelly Blue Book

cars autos Los Angeles Times Kelley Blue Book best exterior interior designs Honda BMW Toyota Lexus Porsche Audi Chevrolet Brand Watch luxury sedan coupe hatchback sports car convertible truck SUV minivan The eye of the beholder is a strange and wonderful thing — if Kelley Blue Book is anything to go by. The good folks at KBB perform a regular survey, called Brand Watch, that measures consumer perception of exterior and interior designs. The latest results put Honda at the top of the "non-luxury sedan/coupe/hatchback" category for exterior design. Winner of the corresponding luxury segment? BMW.

For interior design, the class of the non-luxury sedan/coupe/hatch pack is Toyota, with Lexus winning the premium spot. Not so eyebrow-raising, but odd that there’s no mention of Volvo in this respect. Still, there does seem to be an element of reassuring predictability when it comes to the sports car/convertible stream: Porsche takes the exterior honors and Audi’s interiors get the nod.

Domestic brands do pretty well, especially trucks. In both fields, consumers liked Chevrolet's products the best. Click here for a full list that also takes SUVs and minivans into account.