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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Tunes with the Kinks

The Kinks, a great band of the ages, but one that seems to have faded into obscurity. Their recording career spanned more than 30 years between 1964 during the time of the Beatles up to 1996. Whereas some of the band members have changed over the years the core group made up of Ray Davies and brother Dave Davies has remained the same. In that time the group released over 24 studio albums and a number of hit singles.

Most people have heard their songs but rarely does anyone give credit for their influence on todays music. They have been covered by bands such as Van Halen, the Pretenders, and newer bands like Ok Go and along with many others. Here is a sampling of what the Kinks have brought to this world. I highly recommend checking them out further.

1963 You Really Got Me

1966 Sunny Afternoon

1970 Lola

1977 Father Christmas

1982 Come Dancing

We can only hope that they continue to be a positive influence in today's music.