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Monday, June 9, 2008

Apple: Mobile Me

It all goes where you go.

Maybe you have a computer at home, one at work, and an iPhone or iPod touch. And it can be hard to keep them all up to date. But now there’s MobileMe. Wherever you are, your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC is always current and always in sync. And with a suite of elegant new web applications, you can access your data from anywhere.

Push email. Push contacts. Push calendar.

MobileMe stores all your email, contacts, and calendars on a secure online server — or “cloud” — and pushes them down to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. When you make a change on one device, the cloud updates the others. Push happens automatically, instantly, and continuously. You don’t have to wait for it or remember to do anything — such as docking your iPhone and syncing manually — to stay up to date.

See how push works

Push Email Push email.
Push Contacts Push contacts. Push Calendar Push calendar.

Works with the native applications you know.

Do everything you need to do on every device you own. MobileMe works with Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac; Microsoft Outlook on a PC with Windows XP or Vista; and the built-in applications on your iPhone or iPod touch.
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Read about MobileMe on your

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Go to and manage your email, contacts, and calendar. Share photos in a beautiful web gallery. Store documents. Share large files. All from applications so clean and easy to use, you might forget they're on the web. And you’ll never see an ad.

Watch the QuickTour
View screen shots of applications Click to view screenshots MobileMe Mail screenshotMobileMe Mail screenshotMobileMe Mail screenshotMobileMe Mail screenshotMobileMe Mail screenshot

Your web applications at

Check your email, change your calendar, edit your contacts, and more at Accessible anywhere, is an ad-free suite of web applications — Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and iDisk — that are elegant and easy to use. You can drag and drop, click and drag, use keyboard shortcuts, and even switch between applications with a single click. is such a great web experience, it seems as if you’re using desktop software.

Read about

Mail | Contacts | Calendar | Gallery | iDisk


Unknown June 10, 2008 at 3:01 AM  

PUSH e-mail is used to describe e-mail systems that provide an "always-on" capability, in which new e-mail is instantly and actively transferred (pushed) as it arrives by the mail delivery agent (MDA) (commonly called mail server) to the mail user agent (MUA), also called the e-mail client. Most of today's clients are smartphones. for fix email error you can get online email support.