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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monster Camp: Trailer.......WTF

Monster camp (IMDB)

Monster Camp is a feature-length documentary that chronicles a live action role-playing game organization. Monster Camp looks at the lives of the participants, and considers the pro and cons of escapism through fantastical outlets. Director Cullen Hoback documents the fantasy world, following several participants over the course of one year.

The group followed is a Seattle, Washington chapter of the New England Role Playing Organization (NERO), one of many live-action role-playing organizations in the US. Players create their own identities selecting from a variety of races and classes, similar to Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft. Participants dress up and are involved as either player characters, non-player character, or Plot Members.

It premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival 17 in 2007, where it received the Audience Award for Best Documentary.[1] It was also in the Seattle International Film Festival[2] and the Corvallis da Vinci Film Festival[3].