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Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Fenway Wiffle Ball Park

Little Fenway, Essex Vermont --- "The next best thing to taking batting practice at Fenway Park"..."it's the eighth Wonder of the World"..."the Green Monster, the manual scoreboard, the Citgo sign, the tomato plants in the bullpen, all this place needs is a World Series banner." These are a few of the quotes from baseball enthusiasts who have visited the miniature ballpark known as Little Fenway, located in the valley of the Green Mountains in Essex, Vermont.

Little Fenway is a one-fourth scale replica of Boston's famed Fenway Park designed for WIFFLE ball. The Green Monster is 12.5 feet tall with a six foot net attached above the wall (Monster seats may be added in the future). Built in 2001, Little Fenway is situated in the backyard of Pat & Beth O'Connor about 3.5 hours north of Boston. It has served as the site for numerous charity and community events including a WIFFLE Ball game to benefit the September 11th disaster relief efforts, an annual tournament for the Travis Roy Foundation to benefit research into cures for spinal cord injuries, and weekly charity games sponsored by Vermont's number one radio station, CHAMP 101.3 FM.

"WIFFLE ball is the great equalizer," says Little Fenway owner Pat O'Connor. "It doesn't matter how skilled you are. Men, women, boys and girls can all play WIFFLE ball at the same time and have a lot of fun and laugther. We have had all sorts of folks here - Little Leaguers, youth camps, high school and college athletic teams, professional athletes, former major league ball players, businesses, and even a group of 70-90 year olds from an elderly day care. I never imagined this idea would grow into something which provides so much enjoyment for so many people. We are very blessed. I guess you could call it an east coast Field of Dreams."