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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One of the big secrets left for this summers "The Dark Knight" is what Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent will look like once he's transformed into Two-Face. And since I like to ruin everyone's fun, here's a picture of the answer. It's all over now, but Comic Book Resources seems to be ground zero for this leak, much as Paris Hiltons vagina is ground zero for 6 new STD's every year. True Story!

(note to readers: replace that last part with something that makes any fucking sense whatsoever)

(note part 2: go here in case you haven’t seen the new HD trailer. Ledger is so god damn good in this. This sucks. I’d trade the lives of the entire cast of Entourage for 5 more Ledger movies. Of course I’d trade the lives of the cast of Entourage for a half-eaten hot dog, so that may be a bad example.)


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