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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sakku solar powered messenger bags

The sakku solar bag is available in 2 variants:

sakku akku: Comes with an integrated rechargeable battery which stores the solar energy continously. The stored energy can be used by devices anywhere and anytime - also at night. sakku direct: Charges a device as soon as there is sunlight.

How and where can i use the sakku solar bag?
Everytime and everywhere: Charging your cell phone or PDA without a power socket.
At the beach: Listening music from your iPod the whole day - without changing the batteries.
Outdoor: Charge your GPS or your digital camera.
The most important tokens of the sakku solar bag are:
Usage of flexible and weatherproof solar cells
Usage of used sails from sail boats
Easy removal of the electronic components to wash the sakku solar bag